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Tropical Leaves


The Soul Sticks are a collection of 10,000 thoughtfully and unique NFTs created on the Solana blockchain. Soul Sticks have been created with the intention of spreading positivity and mindfulness through out the metaverse.

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Time to get Funky

Each Soul Stick is unique and randomly generated with a variety of attributes from more than 200 traits, including shoes, facial expressions, headwear. But we will also have rare Soul Sticks designed from influential leaders of the past and present, like Bob Marley's dreads or Gandhi's glasses.

The Soul Sticks have been designed to make people smile. We are trying to encourage positivity, mindfulness through the simplification and cartoonization of nature. 

We have reserved a selection of Soul Sticks for people who we believe will be a beneficial member of our society including the Dalai Lama, the Pope and anyone alive who has currently won a noble peace prize. So you can be assured you will be in good company.

Road Map


Soul Searching

On February 11th 2022, goes live!


Soul Sistas and Brothers

The Soul Sticks team will spread the good word and let the world know about the soul creation. 171 Soul Sticks will be given out for free to people of influence who share our beliefs in positivity and mindfulness. You can see this list on Honorary Members page. 


Mint Sticks

Once the world is ready we will allow the positivity party to begin and you will be able to mint Soul Sticks directly from our website.

Throughout the mint, Soul Sticks with exclusive attributes linked to influential spirits in the evolution of the human race will appear. Rarity elements and rankings of Soul Sticks will be released on our website along with our Discord channel.


Secondary Market Place

At the end of the mint, you will be able to sell and buy Soul Sticks on the most popular Solana NFT website at the time.

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The Society of Soul Sticks

Once you have minted a Soul Stick you will gain access to the exclusive Soul Stick Society which will be centred around positivity and mindfulness. We aim to get our honorary members to discuss topics like happiness and the spiritual evolution of the human race. 


Soul Sticks have been designed to increase positivity and mindfulness in modern day society


There are over 200 traits and each Soul Stick is unique.


We are giving away 171 Soul Sticks to positive leaders to enhance our society.


Full commercial rights belong to the owner of the Soul Stick.


The Soul Stick Society first. We will work together with the community to make decisions on future projects.

We have future proof'd our NFTs by encrypting them on the Solana blockchain.  Solana is the fastest and safest blockchain in the world

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